After almost a week beach bumming on Koh Jum it was time to head back to Bangkok. Five years ago we got to know Nu, a Thai exchange student who spend time with us during his year in Canada. 

We were super excited to see him again so we planned the last weekend of our vacation in Bangkok to get together! 

We were in for a long travel back, but we were ready for it!

On Friday morning we took the boat back to Laem Kruat from where we took a songthaew to Nuea Khlong and from there the bus to Surat Thani. It was a hot but interesting bus ride. We were offered a drink from a monk and he seemed to really enjoy the fact that we were on the bus with him. The girls did a quick nap in the bus and we arrived in Surat Thani

Once we arrived in Surat Thani we decided to walk around for a bit and ended up at a very cute café where we enjoyed a lovely sorbet!

We walked back to the bus station and took the bus to Phun Phin, 12 km west of Surat Thani, where the train station is. It was a good thing that we calculated enough time, because this assumingely short trip took for ever! 

It stopped everywhere and the bus was packed. There was barely enough room to breath! Oh well another true Thai experience!

Once at the train station we had another 30 minutes before the train would arrive and we ordered roti for the girls and some take out pad Thai for our long train ride at one of the stalls just outside of the station.

The train arrived on time and we quickly found our seats. The girls were so excited! 
Not long after we left they started converting our seats into beds. The girls loved it. We ate our pad Thai on our beds, we did some reading and went to bed.

The beds were actually very comfortable and we all had a pretty good sleep. Ok the girls and Bert slept very well and I slept better than I would have thought!

The next morning our beds were converted back into seats and we arrived 45 minutes late at the station in Bangkok. 

We were tired but ready to tackle the day. We took a taxi to Mile Map Hostel and quickly checked in. 

We had a shower and out we went. We couldn’t wait to see Nu and explore Bangkok with someone from Thailand!

The night train is a great way to travel. It saves you on a the cost for a night at a hotel or guesthouse and it’s actually pretty comfortable. Our girls thought it was supercool to sleep in the train and loved the experience. Make sure you make reservations a couple days ahead for the night train. We didn’t do this on our way to the south and spend the night in the train on a seat. Cheaper but also a lot less comfortable!

We travelled for 24 hours straight but we had enough energy left to spend a full day in Bangkok and we were excited to explore more of this beautiful city.