The next morning we went to China town before we headed to the airport for our long trip home.We spend a couple of hours walking and wandering through the very narrow streets.

We started in the food section and took in all the smells and colours. This was not the easiest part of China town for our vegetarian. She kept her head down and was glad when we crossed the road and entered a maze of narrow streets full of shops.

It appeared that we ended up at the wholesale section, so when the girls found shoes they desperately wanted, they found out that they had to buy at least 6 pairs of the same shoes and the same size! They quickly realized that 6 pairs of shoes in the same size was a bit too much so we left empty handed.

We ate lunch at a tiny restaurant and took a taxi back to our hostel. Visiting China Town was a wonderful way to spend our last morning in Bangkok.

We grabbed our backpacks and took a taxi to the airport. Our last taxi trip in Thailand and it sure was a memorable one. The taxi definitely had its best time… it made lots of noise , it didn’t want to get into its fifth gear and at the end it started to smell like smoke. We kept our fingers crossed and made it to the airport on time. 

Another adventure came to an end.