One of the activities the girls really wanted to do during our holiday was snorkelling. We had considered leaving the island two days earlier and arrange a snorkelling trip from the main land. From there it’s easy to arrange your own trip. On the island there were several agencies that also offered snorkelling trips, but we were afraid it would be with a lot of other people.

Through our resort we were able to do a snorkelling trip with just the four of us for an incredible good price. We decided to go for this trip and it was so worth it!

We were picked up by our boat and two tour guides early in the morning at our resort. We had the entire boat to ourselves and quickly left for a day filled with sun, fish and fun! 
After about an hour and a half we stopped for our first snorkelling experience. 

The tour guides provided us with all the gear we needed.
Our first spot was a great experience for the girls. They had snorkelled once before in Costa Rica, but they didn’t see tons of tropical fish while we were there. 

Here we hit the jackpot. Fish everywhere and when our tour guide started throwing some bread in the water we were surrounded by them!

After this stop we made several more stops but this one was probably our favourite one.

We made a stop at Monkey beach. We didn’t do any snorkelling there but we did get to see many monkeys, hence the name! 

Our guide explained to us to leave all our belongings on the boat since the monkeys will take everything away from you and were they ever right!

We saw people with their bags on the beach and the monkeys would wait until they would leave their bag unattended and would quickly grab their belongings. 

We saw a monkey grab a water bottle, open it and drink from it before it dumped the rest of the water on the beach.

I’m not sure what to think of this island. It was definitely entertaining to see the monkeys steal people’s belongings, but I also felt sad for these monkeys. They have constantly people surrounding them, feeding them, taking pictures of them and trying to have them pose for picture…
After we left we stopped at another island where we had lunch. It was beautiful and no groups at all. We enjoyed fried rice and fresh fruit that was brought by our tour guides. Such a lovely place to have lunch!

We stopped near the beach that was used in the movie “The Beach” but we quickly decided to leave since there were many, many boats. Some boats were absolutely loaded from top to bottom with people. I was so happy that we had our own boat, I couldn’t imagine being on one of those. These boats all came fro either Phuket or Koh PiPi.

We stopped at another island with a beautiful white beach but the snorkelling was horrible. Most boats make a stop for an hour at this spot, but we quickly went back to our boat and left right away and stopped on the water where there were a lot of fish. The advantage of having your own boat, you can come and leave as you please!

Who knew that these fish could bite!

The trip was amazing. We loved the fact that we were able to decide how long we wanted to stay and our guides were incredible. They provided us with a lovely lunch and snacks and even tough they didn’t speak much English, they made sure we had a amazing time!
After a beautiful day we arrived back at our resort where we enjoyed another lovely dinner on the beach watching the sun go down.

A perfect day on a perfect island.