The next morning we arrived at Lumpini Park and was it ever busy! Sunday morning at 7.00 and there were people all over the place! There was a run, so we saw lots of people run with a bib number, but there were also many groups exercising.

We saw an aerobics class that I tried to join, but the steps were harder than I thought. There was a yoga group, that Julia joined and there were many groups doing all kinds of exercises, Thai chi etc. 

Very interesting to watch and without Nu telling us to meet him at 7.00 we would probably not have seen any of this! 

We spend some time at the park, playing a card game and watching other people. It was hot and humid. Even Nu agreed with us this time!

Sadly we also had to say goodbye to Nu. His flight was leaving in the afternoon. 

Close to Lumpini Park is a snake farm and we decided to visit it. It was very interesting and worth your visit. During the show they showed several different snakes and explained many interesting facts.

We spend the evening at Rod Fai Night Market 2 which is a great market with many, many food stalls, but also with clothing, bags, phone cases etc.

Healthy dinner… after a roti it was coconut ice cream and watermelon shaved ice…

After the market we went to back to Patpong market to buy the girls some extra elephant pants, since their first once didn’t survive our trip completely.  This is not a market we would reckoned, but it was one of the few places where we found elephant pants on the right size!

We took a taxi back to our hostel while we tried to memorize everything we saw. It was our last night in Bangkok and our last night in Thailand… 

What a trip it has been!