Renting a motorbike on an Island is a popular activity in Thailand. It’s a great way to explore and fun too! Unfortunately you also often hear about tourists driving a motorbike in Thailand and getting into accidents with some end up being fatal. 
We do like adventure, but we also like to be safe, especially now that we have kids. We would not rent motorbikes on a busy islands with lots of traffic, but here it was a possibility!
This was possibly one of the highlights of the trip for our girls. Yes it doesn’t take much.

Koh Jum is a small island, with only a handful of cars which makes it relatively safe to rent a motorbike for a day and explore the island.

Bert has a motorbike license, but I had never driven one before.

We rented motorbikes at our resort and after a quick instruction and some practising I was able to handle the motorbike well enough with a kid on the back.

And so we went off for a day of exploring and touring the island! It was so much fun!

The island is stunning. We drove to some deserted beaches and ended up in one of the two small villages the island has, Koh Pu.

Koh Pu is mostly a fishermen village, with most of the population Muslim, so you don’t arrive in your bikini!

We parked our bikes and walked through one of the two streets that ends at the beach. 

We walked up to some women who were frying banana and sweet potato snacks while chatting and taking care if their children. We bought some of their snacks and they were absolutely amazing! 

We enjoyed the snacks while walking to the beach and watched children play in the water. 

Kids playing on a raft

It looked like time stood still. A relaxed atmosphere, people working, women gathering and children playing. 

We loaded up on more deep fried snacks and left the village. Children running behind us waving their goodbyes!

During our drive we noticed a colony of monkeys next to the road and we stopped to have a better look. We would hear monkeys every morning when waking up, but we hadn’t seen them yet. 

We continued our drive through some dirt roads and through the forest. Simply amazing!

We also visited the other village, which was a bit more tourist oriented. Several small shops and several restaurants. We stopped at a small restaurant and had an tasteful lunch and the girls picked up some cute souvenirs for their friends and both bought a hat to keep the sun out of their face!

We drove to another resort which is very isolated and noticed more roads are being build. All by hand… 

One of the many local gas pumps
Koh Jum was also hit during the 2004 tsunami
Showing of their new hats

We had an amazing time exploring the island by motorbike. Our girls had a blast especially once they realized that I’m not as smooth of a driver as their dad. They couldn’t stop laughing. 

And I was proud of myself. I drove a motorbike, through dirt roads, with a kid on the back in Thailand! How cool is that!