We met Nu at a station and even tough we didn’t see each other for 5 years it was like we had seen each other the day before. except maybe that our girls were not as little and cute anymore!

Bert really wanted to go to Chatuchak weekend market. We spend time exploring this huge market and saw so many different things. Pretty cool, but oh so hot. 

We wanted to buy some souvenirs but we’re not very successful. The girls both bought a tshirt but that was it, except for the ice creams and water that we bought to try to keep our bodies cool. 

The market is divided up in many areas with each their own focus. We saw many pets, even tough a squirrel might not be seen as a pet here, but also lots of clothing, household goods etc. 

It was a good thing that there was a mall close by where we cooled down and ate lunch. 

After the market we went to Jim Thompson House. Jim Thompson was an architect and a collector of Asian art. He saw the potential in silk and build a teakwood complex where he lived and collected many art objects.  He disappeared in 1967 in the jungle in Malaysia. No one ever heard from him again.

The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Once you arrive at the museum they offer a free tour which is very worthwhile. 

Jim Thompson House is a very interesting and beautiful place in the middle of the busy city.

Nu took us to Siam Centre where we walked around in the mall for a bit and listened to some live music. The mall was definitely very different from the malls that we’re used too! 

The highlight was visiting  the Korean Dessert Cafe Sulbing Siam Square, where we ate a huge ice cream made out of shaved ice, brownies, whipped cream. Sooo good and very cool to go into this immensely popular place where we otherwise would never have gone to.

Korean Dessert Cafe Sulbing Siam Square, very popular with the younger crowd!
Spending the day with Nu, was amazing. Not only because we love Nu and love spending time with him, but also because he showed us a different side of Bangkok, once we were done at the market we didn’t see many tourists. That evening we ate dinner at Mama’s, close to our guesthouse and agreed to meet Nu the next morning at 7.00 at Lumpini park