After we arrived on the island we were taken to the Golden Pearl Resort by pick-up truck. We reserved one night prior to arrival. We wanted to make sure we had a place to stay that was affordable.When we arrived they showed us two huts. The one was more luxurious with air conditioning and the other one was a very basic hut, with no airco, but lots of ventilation through the roof! 

We decided to take the cheapest hut. We were not planning to spend much time there anyways! 

Our hut, very basic, but what else do you need! Great place to celebrate a birthday!

On our first day we quickly went out to explore the beach and we realized this was exactly what we had been looking for.

We wanted an island that was more authentic. We didn’t want an island full of tourists with parties every and all night long. 

We wanted to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the friendly people and relax! After travelling around we just wanted to do nothing!

Most resorts on this island don’t have a website or don’t have online booking. We called ahead to make sure we had a place to stay and someone to pick us up from the boat. 

Koh Jum doesn’t have a pier, so you either arrive at this tiny dock if you take the small boat that is mostly geared to locals or they will pick you up from the ferry that takes many tourists to Koh Chang. The ferry stops near Koh Jum and all the long tail boats of the several resorts pick up their guest right on the water.

There is no ATM on the island so make sure to bring money!
The first afternoon we walked along the beach, which was beautiful and pretty much empty, and we checked out some other resorts. Most of the other resorts had more luxurious accommodation and were way over our budget. They also had a different vibe. We loved the relaxed atmosphere at Golden Pearl and we decided we would stay where we were.
One night became two nights and we loved it so much that we ended staying for almost a week.
We spend the first days on the beach, sipping on fruit smoothies and eating dinner at the restaurant while watching the sun set. 

Absolute paradise! 

Our resort was amazing. The restaurant, in the shape of a ship, provided us with some amazing meals but also just a nice place to hang out. They have ample seating right on the beach. 

Their amazing food all freshly made for very decent prizes. 

This is where the girls got absolutely hooked on sweetened condensed milk. And I must agree with them, what is not to love about something so sweet!
We spend our days on lounge chairs, reading, sleeping, enjoying the waves and the warm water and an occasional Thai massage on the beach. 

The island is not for people who want lots to do, because besides a Thai boxing game every week, there’s is not much going on. Where will you find water buffaloes go for a swim? 

We loved that there was not much going on!

We woke up every day with the sounds of the jungle and often would wake up during the night as well. Every morning at 4.45 the minaret would call out the call for prayer (it really is a Muslim community) and all the street dogs would start to howl at the exact same time and would all stop at the same time as well. It might bother some people, but I actually enjoyed hearing the sounds of normal life on an island.
We explored the island one day on our scooters and we went on a snorkelling trip, but that’s pretty much all there is to do.

Koh Jum is not for everyone, but that’s a good thing, because that’s what made Koh Jum paradise for us!