After our stay in Khao Sok we decided to walk to the bus stop just out of town. After the not so friendly encounter with the people from the guesthouse in the morning, we deceived to not ask them for a ride. It was only 1.5 or 2 km so it gave us a good morning work out!

Once at the bus stop we were approached by a man who told us we should buy bus tickets in his office.It’s always tricky, is this someone who actually sells the local bus tickets or is this someone who sells tourist bus tickets but pretends to sell local bus tickets. 

We knew the approximate price of a bus ticket and he offered for the same price a smaller mini bus, so we agreed to buy the tickets at his office.

We left our backpacks there and wandered a bit over the morning market, where we bought the most delicious banana bread and after our first loaf we quickly purchased two more. We also loaded up on fried bananas, dragon fruit and some other snacks. What a lovely breakfast!

Perfectly on time the mini bus arrived. We got the last seats all the way in the back. A memorable trip it would be… 

The drive-style reminded us of our trip to Egypt. Passing cars when you really shouldn’t, racing on roads that are too bumpy… it was horrible.

We all hoped for the best and when Julia started to feel sick we loaded her up with some travel tablets and she dosed off.. 

The mini bus had a mix of local people and tourists. We had been very clear that we needed to be dropped of in Krabi where the songthaew would leave to go to Laem Kruat.

The chauffeur dropped all the tourists of at a station from where they would be taken to the pier to other islands and wanted to leave us there as well. 

We didn’t fall for it and we made sure he took us to the songthaews. After a couple of minutes we arrived on a busy street where a couple of songthaews were waiting.

One of the songthaews had the Laem Kruat written on the back and that was the one we had to take!

The driver was extremely nice and he thought it was great to have the four of us with him for the entire trip. He made it into a fun but long trip. On the way we picked up and dropped of some local people.

The drive took us 1.5 hours, which normally probably would only take 30 minutes but since the boat wouldn’t leave until 1.5 hours later he took his time. 

Once we left the big city it was a wonderful drive. We stopped a couple times on the way for coffee and ice cream. He had so much fun showing us to the local people at the coffee place. He bought the girls some amazing snacks and made sure we had a good time.

Hanging out with the locals on our way to the boat

We arrived just in time at the small pier where our boat would leave. 

We thanked our wonderful driver and hopped on the boat, ready for the next part of our journey.
We knew we wanted to spend some time on an island, but we were pretty picky. We wanted to go to a island that was still somewhat authentic. We were not looking for parties, didn’t want to be bombarded by other tourist, we wanted to enjoy the beautiful Thailand we had experiences 15 years ago.

Once we saw the boat we became very hopeful that our island would be just that.

The boat was a wooden longtail boat. The picture says it all. 

We were the only tourists on the boat and we shared the boat with many locals, all their groceries and many scooters. Enormous bags with chicken, flour etc.
It took us app. 45 minutes to get to Koh Jum. 

The longtail boat and Koh Jums harbour
A stop on our way to Koh Jum, loading plants and scooters of the boat

We were picked up in a truck by an employee from the resort we were going to stay, The Golden Pearl.

The words resort, authentic and basic often don’t go well together, but this resort was different. No fancy bungalows, waterparks or swimming pools. No it had some very basic and some a bit more luxurious huts near the beach and a wonderful restaurant. That was it! We booked for one night and stayed almost a week. 

We found paradise!