In order for us to get from Hua Hin to Khao Sok we had to take the train and a bus.

The night train is great.  You get to sleep for some hours and you save on accommodation! Unfortunately there were no sleeper berths available and we contemplated between a night bus and the night train second class seats. We decided on the train. The seats seemed comfortable enough, kind of like airplane seats and stretching your legs is no problem on a train.

The train would take 8 hours to get from Hua Hin to Surat Thani. 

On our way to the station

The train was 20 minutes late, which is very reasonable in Thailand and our seats were good. Lots of legroom, even for Bert and the seats were reclining ones. 

Within 10 minutes Bert and the girls slept. Not me… I dozed off a couple of times but with the bright lights and the noise of the train I didn’t get a great night sleep. Still I would do it again. It was totally fine.

They had a good night sleep.

We arrived at 6.15 in Surat Thani. Barely out of the train or a man came up to us asking where we were going. A lot of travellers travel from Surat Thani to one of the islands.
When we told him we were taking the local bus to Khao Sok he told us we could buy tickets for the local bus at his shop and that the bus would leave at 7.30. I didn’t feel he was completely honest with us and soon enough we found a bus stop with a local bus to Khao Sok leaving at 6.30 for only 120 baht.

The bus was comfortable and quickly made its way to Khao Sok until it broke down. 

Bert also takes a look to see what’s wrong with the bus.

We were stranded in the middle of nowhere but with a little street stall where they made the most delicious friesd bananas. 
Someone arrived on their motorbike selling drinks and someone took her money for a walk…

Everyone waited patiently and after 45 minutes the next bus arrived and we were boarded on that one.  The bus was already almost full and with the passengers from our bus there were no seats left. We continued our trip by sitting on the floor. 

After 30 minutes we arrived in Khao Sok. The bus stop is a bit out of town and we didn’t book our accommodation yet but two guesthouses came to the bus stop to offer a free ride to their guesthouse.  I quickly checked Agoda to look at the reviews and we decided to catch a ride with one of them. 

We made it to Khao Sok!