After we watched the fisherman empty his net and we packed our backpacks we headed to the bus station. We would travel to Hua Hin and decide from there where the journey would take us next. 

Off we go!
How many can fit?

From the Kanchanburi bus station we took the mini bus to Hua Hin. It took us about 3 hours. 

We arrived in Hua Hin in the early afternoon. We had booked Victors guesthouse through Agoda and it was easily found, thanks to the so very useful app

We had an amazing room, almost a little apartment. We had our own entrance and a bathroom on the main floor and two bedrooms and a sitting area on the first floor. It was an original teak house, with panels that could be opened for fresh air. 

The guesthouse also had a small swimming pool and before heading to the beach the girls first cooled off in the pool. 

The beach was across from the guesthouse, but a bit further the beach was much nicer. The water was warm en the sun was hot. We mostly stayed in the shade, since we didn’t want to end up red as lobsters!

We found some dead fish on the beach and a kind man told us that it was probably because the towns sewage ended up close to where we were swimming… yuck.
After the beach we walked to the night market. The night market is big with lots of stalls with souvenirs, clothing and (sea)food.

The  next day Bert went to the train station and the bus station  to see what would be available for a trip to Khao Sok and decided on the train that would depart late that evening. The guesthouse allowed us to use their facilities until we left for the train. 

We went to another beach, just past the Hilton resort and this was much nicer. We spend a couple of hours at the beach and spend some time at the pool. 

That night we returned to the night market for a Pad Thai before heading to the train station . 
Hua Hin was not our kind of place. There are a lot of luxury resorts and seems geared to people who are retired and have lots of money to spend.

The night market was good, but we won’t return to Hua Hin.