Most people who visit Erawan National Park do it in a daytrip but we made it into a two day trip. Erawan National Park is an easy bus ride from Kanchanaburi. Our plan was to stay one night in the National Park and come back to Kanchanburi the
next day to decide where our journey would take us next.

The bus to Erawan National Park leaves from the bus station pretty much every hour. We flagged the bus down on the main road. The bus takes about 1 1/2 hours and cost 50 baht per person.

The bus takes you all the way to the headquarters were you can book your accommodation. We decided on two tents for 150 baht each. We walked to the campsite and picked two tents with view on the river. We grabbed two mats for the girls.  We brought
our own mats but you can also get blankets and pillows for a small fee. 

Bathrooms are very basic. Other options are bungalows which are more expensive and probably more luxurious.

Since we still had the afternoon and evening and the next day to explore the waterfalls we decided to first cool down for a bit. The river at the campsite is great for a bit of swimming and the much needed cooling off.

The Erawan Waterfall is named after the three-headed white elephant in Hindu mythology. It is 7 tiered and they are all fairly easy accessible. There is definitely some climbing to do but it’s so worth it.

A short hike  from the campsite brought us to level 1. Since it was a Sunday afternoon it was packed with people from Thailand visiting, picknicking and swimming at the waterfall. It was fun to mingle with them and to see how they spend their
Sunday off with their families. We bought a simple lunch at the food stall on level 1.

On the first level we went into the water and got up close and personal with all the fish in the water. The moment you stick your foot, or really any part of your body, in the water the fish will come up to you and start nibbling on your dead
skin cells. I must say it was an experience that was not appreciated by everyone in the family!

Once in the deeper water the fish would let us alone as long as we moved around.

The first two levels of the waterfall were the busiest, but never annoying. It was fun to spend time surrounded by Thai families. After the second level we had to check in our water bottles and food. You can either leave your stuff there or you can pay 20 baht per water bottle. When you return to level 2 and show them your water bottle they return you the 20 baht.

We walked up to the 5th level but once there we couldn’t continue to level 6 and 7 since they were closing of the waterfall for the day. 

They start closing the falls at 3.30 at the highest tiers and move slowly down. For us no problem since we were planning to go back
to the falls early next morning when the park was still closed for the general public.

We thoroughly enjoyed sliding of the natural slide on level 4 and level 5 was absolutely stunning.

We walked back to headquarters were we bought a well deserved ice cream and looked for some dinner to take to our tent. We settled for some crossaints and fruit this time. Eva and Julia played some games with three little kids who’s parents work
at the food stalls of the park. So cute!

Back at the tent the girls couldn’t wait to get back in to the water. Our Thai neighbours thought it was very funny these two girls jumping in, climbing out and jumping back in. They even had a go at it, with lots of giggles and fun.

They offered us some amazing mango and without any English or Thai between us we still enjoyed each other’s company.

By the time we were ready to call it a night it was only 7.00pm  … a bit too early for the liking of our 10 and 12 year olds. We played a couple of card games and called it a night. The girls played some more games in their tent but our eyes closed
not much after we send them to their own tent 
Being outside in the heat makes early bedtimes!

The next morning we woke up early (not surprising with such an early bedtime!) after a pretty good night sleep. For the first time in Thailand we woke up at night because we were cold! Luckily we had some extra clothes with us.

We quickly ate some breakfast and walked to the falls. It was warm but not hot (not yet). The park was still closed but we could access all the falls. We wanted to get to level 6 and 7 and we also didn’t see level 3 the day before.

We walked up and enjoyed how quiet it was. We saw a couple of people but no groups or big crowds. Most of the time we had the fall to ourselves.

Walking up to tier 5 is pretty easy, there are stairs where needed and the scenery makes the work out totally worth it. This morning we had some issues with bugs, so bringing sunscreen and bug spray is strongly recommended!

During our walk we noticed several trees that were decorated with dresses and accessories. This means that a spirit lives in the tree “phi ton mai”. The tree will not be cut without warning the spirit in order to let him find another tree.

Trier 6 and 7 are a bit more difficult to hike, there is some more climbing involved, but nothing too difficult and very doable for kids.

Level 7 was absolutely breathtaking, the water was turqoise, the sounds and the scenery were just stunning. We spend some time swimming at this level, admiring the waterfall and being grateful that we were at this beautiful place. It’s such an amazing experience as a family and a great place to capture some family pictures!

We walked down to level 6 but being the dryseason this one was less impressive then the other ones. We took some more pictures at level 5 which is one of our favourites and went off the natural waterslide at level 4 a couple of times. Yesterday
we didn’t go to level 3 but today we did. It was absolutely beautiful and together with level 4,5 and 7 our must sees.

We were so early we didn’t have to hand in our food or water bottles and the foodstalls at level 1 only sold some chips and drinks today.

Back at the campsite we went for a quick dip in the river and packed up our stuff. We walked back to the headquarters, bought some food and boarded the bus back to Kanchanburi at 12.00.

It was a beautiful trip that we highly recommend. Staying the night at the Park is absolutely worth it. It’s a great experience to have your own private waterfall.