After our amazing stay at Erawan National Park we travelled back to Kanchanaburi for one more night before heading south.

The family raft house was not available so we booked two standard raft houses. These are basically the same as the family raft house, just half of it. Our two rooms were only devided by a thin bamboo wall. 

The bridge over the River Kwai. View from the raft house.

We didn’t do much the remainder of the of the day except for figuring out where to go next and some relaxing. 

We decided to travel south but to make travelling a bit more doable for the girls we wouldn’t do it all in one day. 

We had a lovely dinner at  On’s Thai Issaan. A great vegan and vegetarian restaurant and slowly said our goodbyes to Kanchanburi.

The next morning we saw this fisherman next to our raft house. What a great way to end our stay in Kanchanburi.

A fisherman emptying his net

We really enjoyed our stay in Kanchanburi. It is a nice place to stay for a couple of days. There are many guesthouses, bars and restaurants and has the backpacking vibe and lots of history.