After the Grand Palace and Wat Pho we took the river taxi back to our hostel. 

After a quick  break we went to one of the many night markets.

At this market both girls bought their first Thai souvenir, cute bags with elephants! They quickly learned and practice their negotiating skills. So fun!

After the night market we walked back and the girls ordered Rotee, a Thai crepe. 


We decided to eat Pad Thai at the night market close to our hostel and it was the best Pad Thai we ever had! And for 30 baht the price can’t be beat!

The next day we decided to take a break from the busy city and took the sky train to Chatuchak Park.
I had read that there was a swimming pool and lots of bike lanes.

We walked through the park but didn’t find the pool. We did find many outdoor fitness areas!

Julia trying some of the exercises.

We finally found the pool. It was in another park across the road from the park we walked through. 
We walked into the building where the pool was and noticed it was a private sport club.  We asked about a membership and for 140 baht we could become a member for the year. Great deal and we desperately wanted to dive into the pool… unfortunately we also needed a medical certificate stating we are healthy and we didn’t bring one of those…

We cooled down, as much as you can when temperatures reach 40+ degrees, with an ice cream and walked to the butterfly conservatory. 

A cute little place with free entrance. There is not much to see or do but it’s nicely set up.

At the butterfly conservatory 

We grabbed a taxi, finally a bright pink one, and wanted to go to the river taxi. 

The pier we chose was closed for renovations so the taxi driver took us to the next one. He didn’t speak a word of English and since we don’t speak Thai it was an interesting ride. He kept talking in Thai to us and kept laughing especially when he saw that the pier was closed. 

We took the ferry to Thonburi which is on the north side of Bangkok. What a fun little trip this was! 

We walked along the main road with many little food stalls. We walked into a side road and ended up at a school. Many more food stalls right outside of the school and some stalls with toys. We saw many kids come out of the school with a drink so we decided to go into the school. We were warmly welcomed and chatted a bit with one of the teachers.

The school had a school yard  with classrooms around it. We watched the kids play for a bit and bought some lemonade. 

Lunch time!

One of the small streets in Thonburi
The school

We took the river taxi back to Bangkok and walked to Khao San Road. We had to introduce to girls to the backpackers scene!

We walked through Khao San Road, bought some much wanted elephant pants and the one month unlimited Internet sim card, which would come in useful during our trip.

After a tasty dinner we went back to the hostel. We had an early train to catch the  next morning!