After two days in Bangkok it was time to move on. At the end of our stay in Thailand we will be back to do some more sightseeing in Bangkok.

We flagged down a taxi in the early morning and were in ten minutes at the train station. Tickets to Bang Pa-In third class were 20 baht per person. Third class is great for shorter distances.

The train left at 7.00 and it took 1 1/2 hours to get to Bang Pa-In. From the train station we took a songthaew to the Summer Palace.

Bang Pa-In is known for it Summer Palace. The Summer Palace is situated on beautiful maintained grounds. There is a dress code, but you can borrow a wrap around skirt, bare shoulders are also not allowed. The grounds are easily walkable, but since we also wanted to visit Ayutthaya and because it was more fun we rented a golf cart. It’s 400 baht for the first hour and 100 baht per hour after. 

We spend an hour looking at the several buildings and the Palace and that was enough for us. 

Most people leave Bang Pa-In after visiting the SummerPalace but my favourite part was definitely Wat Niwet Thamprawat. Wat Niwet Thamprawat is hidden behind the car park and you have to take a very basic cable car across the river. 

Once across the river it was almost magical. Beautiful gardens, no people and it seemed so far away from everything. 

The active Buddhist Temple looks like a gothic church. Entrance is free, but a donation is very much appreciated. The girls loved riding the cable car and the dog that joined us. It was even more fun when we left the cable car and a dog jumped into the cable car en got a ride all by himself to the other side of the river.

From the summer palace they asked way too much money to take us to Ayutthaya or even to the train station, so we decided to walk around the corner and see if we could catch a taxi there. We asked a lady at a shop and she got us two Thai taxis (a motorcycle with a little cart). They brought us to the station and the girls had a blast. 

Coolest ride ever!

We arrived just in time for the next train to Ayutthaya. 

Bang Pa-In is a great little stop between Bangkok and Ayutthaya. We really enjoyed the temple on the other side of the river and the girls loved driving around in the golf cart.