We arrived in Ayutthaya in the beginning of the afternoon. We had booked a little house through Agoda which was a bit further out than other guesthouses.

Once you arrive in Ayutthaya you line up in front of the taxi desk and they decide how much you will have to pay for your taxi to your guesthouse. Of course we tried to just flag down a taxi, but they all pointed to the desk. I guess a pretty fair system.

Our guesthouse Baan Suan Yen Sabai was adorable and the family that owns it was amazing. So welcoming and friendly! We booked it through agoda and strongly recommend it.

The guesthouse had three bikes ready for us,  but also quickly arranged a children’s bike so we all had our own wheels! Bring Dutch means biking is in your blood, but biking at 40 degrees is not!

We had a map of Ayutthaya but it was not very helpful. We biked and biked and didn’t see any of the sights. Finally we saw some of the ruins and we were amazed. We decided not to go into all the ruins, we were to hot and sweaty and you can admire the ruins from outside the gate as well.

Once we found our way, the bike ride was fun and faces you a different perspective from the city. We took a little pond back towards our guesthouse and saw a very different Ayutthaya. No tourists in sight but lots of rural living. 

We ended up at a night market near our guesthouse which was a great experience. People didn’t speak any English and the girls had some fun interactions with a little boy who was very shy but oh so curious.

We biked back to our little house and had a good night sleep.

The next morning the owner brought us some bananas from our own garden and she offered to take us to the mini bus station. 

We packed our stuff and said goodbye to this wonderful place. Our next stop is Kanchanburi!