After the Grand Palace we walked to Wat Pho. Wat Pho is a Buddhist temple complex. It is mostly known as the Temple of the reclining Buddha. 

Wat Pho has two entrances. We took the entrance on  Chetuphon Road. This part of the complex is very peaceful, since most tourist and groups take the other entrance. It was lovely to just sit in the shade and take in the scenery.

The Buddha is 15 m high and 46 m long. It sure is impressive to see! It doesn’t take long to visit the reclining Buddha but just as the Grand Palace this is a must see when visiting Bangkok. Entrance fee is 100 baht.

When visiting the Reclining Buddha you will probably notice the sound of coins being dropped in bowls. Behind the Reclining Buddha you can pay 20 baht for a bowl with 50 – satang coins and drop the coins one by one into the row of copper pots for good luck. A fun activity for kids!

There is lots to see on the grounds. There are many ‘Farang’ statues. When the Siamese exported rice to China they brought these statues back as ship’s balast.

Wat Pho is also the home of over a thousand Buddha’s. 

Wat Pho is definetely worth the visit, not just for the reclining Buddha but also for the lovely and peaceful surroundings.