After the river taxi it was just a short walk to the Grand Palace. Since the passing of the King many Thai people come to the Grand Palace to show their respect. As a tourist you don’t notice much, you see people wearing black and there are tents set up where during busy times people can sit in the shade waiting for their turn. The entrance for visiting the Grand Palace is different than for those mourning.

In front of the Grand Palace they check your bags and they ask you to cover up, no bare shoulders or shorts allowed. We came prepared and quickly changed into our longer (and warmer) clothes.

The Grand Palace is a complex with many buildings. You could spend hours admiring everything. We probably spend about 2 hours there before we decided we had seen enough. The entree price is steep, 500 baht, but a must see.

The Grand Palace was established in 1782 and it not only has the Palace and throne halls but also a number of government offices and of course the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Since pictures often say much more then words… sorry again just pictures taken with my phone. The pictures on my camera will have to wait until we return home!

In front of the entrance of The Grand Palace
Phra Siratana Chedi
Chinese warrior
The Demon Guardian

The Demon Guardians are very impressive. They are guarding the Emerald Buddha from all evil spirits. 

Model of Angor Wat

Trying to cool down…coming from winter in Canada the 40 degrees asks for some adjusting!

Julia hit her toe and it was bleeding pretty badly, like all toes would do! Quickly it was noticed by some security guards who told us that they would get a doctor. We tried to explain that a band-aid would do but they insisted on getting the doctor. I jokingly said to Julia just wait we’ll see the ambulance come soon and Bert said I believe I hear it! 

And a couple minutes later the ambulance arrived. We all laughed when the paramedic saw the bleeding toe. They cleaned the toe with care and wrapped it safely up. Julia was ready for the rest of the day. What an experience! 

The wrapped up toe

After the Grand Palace we continued to Wat Pho. See our next post.