After 34 hours of  travelling we were quickly welcomed and checked in at our hostel. Even after all those hours we were still able to appreciate the atmosphere of this fun looking hostel.

Check-in was quick and within a couple of minutes we were in our room. We had reserved the quadruple room, with a queen and a bunk bed. The room was clean, big enough for the four of us and had very cute wall painting. The beds were comfortable enough and it was quiet!

The bathrooms were simple but clean.

After a very short night, Eva and I didn’t sleep at all, the two of us spend some time on the rooftop patio, waiting for the other two to wake up.

Spending some time on the rooftop gave Eva a good first introduction to Bangkok. We saw someone wash their car, another person was watering all the plants on their balcony and someone was busy with their bird cage. We saw some kids in their school uniforms and saw people leave for work.

Once Bert and Julia were awake, we went outside to check out the neighbourhood and to get some breakfast.

At Mile Map Hostel, ready to start exploring!

Right around the corner from the hostel we saw our first temple. Sri Mariamman Temple is a Hindu Temple in Silom. It’s a busy and very colourful temple. When visiting the temple remember to leave your shoes at the entrance and to cover up your shoulders.

Sri Mariamman Temple, worth the visit.

Across from the temple is Sok 20, a day and night market. We bought some delicious fruit and were ready to start the day.

We decided we wanted to take the river taxi to go towards the Grand Palace. The river taxi is a fun and very convenient way to explore Bangkok. You pay 15 baht either on the dock or on board and get off on any of the stops the ferry makes. The easiest rivetaxi is the orange one. It will stop at most locations. You can also choose to take the blue line, which the tourist line. You buy a ticket for 150 baht and you can can hop on and off as often as you want during the day.

The river taxi was a decent walk and with jet lag and getting used to the heat we decided to take a tuktuk.

First time in a tuk-tuk. What an experience!

Bargaining is always part of the deal in Thailand and so we did. The tuktuk driver agreed on the price and off we went. After a little while the driver asked us if we could make one stop on our way. This is often so that the driver takes you to a store in the hope that you buy something. The driver often gets some money or gas when he brings customers. When he realized that we didn’t want to make a stop he slowed down,  stopped and asked us to leave the tuktuk. And so we did,  getting kicked out of a tuktuk was a new experience, but it got us a lot closer to the rivertaxi and it didn’t cost us a thing! And of course being in Thailand also means everyone stays polite and smiles!
We walked to the rivertaxi, boarded and were on our way to the Grand Palace.

The river taxi, a great way of transportation.