Oh how I feared our flights with Air China…

Our flights were booked on an impuls with no research done. Most of the time I research before I book and reviews are my go to place. This time I didn’t do my research until after the tickets were a done deal…

The reviews that I read in regards to Air China were horrendous. Rude, horrible food, no special meals, flight delays, and no costumer service.

I decided to pack lots of food, have an open mind and hope for the best.

Our day started with a delay with Air Canada in Hamilton, Ontario. A nice small airport, were the girls enjoyed themselves with a massage chair that worked without throwing in any money. They tried to convince us to get one for our home and I must say it was tempting…

Eva and Julia ready to board

After a quick and smooth flight we arrived in Montreal. In Hamilton they were able to label our luggage through to Bangkok, but they were not able to check us in for our following flights and online check in is not available with Air China when you fly with children.

We had about 3 hours before our flight to Bejijng and at the airport they told us to go to the terminal for our next flight and that someone could check us in there.

It was a long walk and when we finally arrived at our gate no one was there. We read that the flight a day earlier to Bejijng was cancelled and we feared that if we would check in really late we might not get any seats  or no seats  next to each other. We decided to go to the regular check in and took the long walk to check in.

A good decision! When we arrived at the check in there was a huge line up. Not only for the people who were on our flight but also for the people of yesterday’s flight.

It didn’t take us very long to get checked in. Checking with seatguru when they assign your seats is always a good tool and it was a good thing I used it this time as well. They assigned us the seats all the way at the back of the plane, right at the toilets and where you can’t recline your seats. She quickly changed our seats when I showed the map of the airplane and asked for a better seat and off we went all the way back to the terminal.

Our flight had app. 2 1/2 hour delay and with a lay over of the sane time in Bejijng we feared we were going to miss the connection and I mentally prepared myself for an extra night in an hotel.

Our first flight with Air China was incredible. The plane looked new , we had tons of legroom (and with a husband of 2.00 meters/ 6 foot 7 this is a pretty big deal!) We all had our own tv screens with lots of English movies, some games and a very cool 3D-flight system. They even have a cute panda bear in their security instruction!

I always bring lots of food on our travels, because with one person who can’t eat gluten and another one who is a vegetarian, chances are that the meals leave us hungry.

Well not with Air China, before take off they already checked in with us about our meals and most of the food in my bag made it to Thailand. All meals were tasteful and Julia was extremely happy with her meals. Who wouldn’t enjoy naan-bread, a cake with a smiling face on it, even her salad had a smiling face!

Julia very happy with her cute looking meal.

During our flight we could check on our screen what time our next flight would leave and from what gate and terminal. We noticed that our flight to Bangkok was delayed and that there was a chance we might still be able to make it!

Security went quickly and surprisingly relaxing. We have been to China before, but this time everyone was polite, friendly and helpful. Unfortunately the power banks that the girls brought had to stay in China, they didn’t have the capacity on it and apparently that is needed. They helped us with opening up the power bank to look for the capacity but no luck. When I jokingly said, but I’m sure it’s made in China, they all laughed.

We quickly walked to our gate and without any waiting we were able to board and take our seats. This aircraft was slightly smaller and we didn’t have our own screens, but still had more legroom then with many other companies. Again very friendly people and good food.

Once in Bangkok we went through customs without any issues and took a cab to our hostel.

After 34 hour from door to door we were tired, but still in good spirits. We made it to Thailand and those horrendous flights were actually some of my most comfortable and pleasant flights.

Let the adventure begin!