Travelling as a family can be lots of fun but is also more challenging. Keeping everyone happy and content can be tricky!

Our girls enjoy our trips far more when we involve them in our planning and when we give them some tools to be fully included and gather knowledge about what they want to see and do.

The Lonely Planet Not for Parents series are amazing books that help children really get involved and excited about their upcoming trip. The books have neat facts that you can’t find in any other travel book and are fun to read.

During our trip to Rome the Not for Parents Rome edition was a favourite, not just for Eva and Julia, but also for the adults. Before we went on our trip to Rome, Julia had made a list of things she wanted to see and do, based on what she had read in the book. Once in Rome she would pull her book from her backpack and shared many neat facts about Rome.

Now that we were planning our trip to Thailand, I started looking for a good kid travel book. Unfortunately Lonely Planet doesn’t have a book specific for Thailand for kids and some of the other books I found seemed to be more geared towards younger kids.

Finally I came across a travel book for kids that checked of all my boxes. Travelkids Thailand, written by Elsie S.U. de Vries, a Dutch author who lived and worked as a tour guide in Thailand and who decided to write a travel book for kids. This book will provide your child with lots of fun facts about Thailand, like how to use the hose in the washroom, what colour is Tuesday, how to greet in Thai and many more! It also gives them the chance to write their own experiences down and will be a great keepsake once they are back home.

Unfortunately I couldn’t order the book in Canada, but since they do have the book in Dutch book stores I send one quick message to opa and oma and within a week the book arrived at our house. Not only do we have a great travel book for the kids, the one that we ordered is in Dutch, so a great way to practise their Dutch reading. A win-win for this mom!