Hi, welcome to our blog. As you can read in our “about” section, we are a family of four with a love for travel.

So why a blog? A blog is a great way to capture our upcoming trip to Thailand, future trips and to look back on some of the travelling we have done in the past.

Travelling to Thailand, a dream come true. In 2002 Bert and I backpacked through Thailand and fell in love with the friendly people, the amazing culture and the beautiful nature.

We promised ourselves that someday we would take our two girls to Thailand.

After me moved to Canada we quickly realized that a trip to Thailand from this side of the world would be more challenging, well ok, lets be fair, more expensive! And since I still haven’t found a money tree we feared it might take us years…

And then there it was, right on my Facebook timeline this amazing deal to Bangkok.. A couple weeks prior I started following the website and Facebook page  Next Departure. Rishi Modi is an avid traveller who is great at finding and sharing amazing deals on flights!

After a quick text message to my work to check if I could take three weeks off we booked four tickets to Bangkok!

Our dream of travelling through Thailand as a family is coming true. How exciting!