As the days pass by, the excitement rises.

And as the entire family is counting on me to figure out what we will do and where we will stay for the first couple of days I started my research. I dove into the Lonely Planet, the Rough Guide and used TripAdvisor and Agoda to look for reviews and prices.

As we arrive in the middle of the night in Bangkok, after 28 hours of travelling (must be those cheap tickets…), I realized booking a guesthouse so we don’t have to look for a place in the middle of the night was  crucial to make sure the beginning of our holiday would be off to a good start.

In searching for a place to spend the first few days in Thailand there were a couple of things important to us:

  • if possible one room for the four of us
  • affordable (Bangkok is more expensive then other parts of Thailand)
  • good reviews
  • location needs to be close to public transportation

Many hostels and guesthouses are geared to one or two persons and not so much for families. It was a bit more difficult to find a hostel that has rooms available for a family of four. After some extensive searching on different sites I came up with a pretty long list. After looking at the map, we decided on Mile Map Hostel, located in the Silom neighbourhood. We booked the quadruple room with the shared bathroom through Agoda, which is a great website for bookings in Asia.

Silom is a nice neighbourhood, the hostel is close to public transportation including the ferry and has many great night markets.