We booked our flight and with two months before departure it was time to think about this unexpected trip!

A trip to the library for some essential travel books and we were quick to decide that we would introduce the girls to a backpacking holiday. This meant shopping!

An afternoon shopping turned out to be a very successful one, Mountain Warehouse had many of the items we were looking for at a very affordable price. A store with outdoor clothing, equipment and backpacks! For the girls we settled on a backpack of 55l, this will be plenty for now, but also for the future. I opted for a backpack of 65l and Bert found one through kijij.ca.

Of course we didn’t come home with just backpacks, we also bought the famous spork, ideal for those amazing lunches and dinners  we will be buying on the side of the roads, some clothes and two sleeping bag liners. Years ago my parents had silk sleeping bag liners made for us in Vietnam and they have been indispensable. Sleeping on beds with sheets that might have not seen the laundry machine for months is no longer a problem. And they also act as an extra layer to keep you warm on the plane or on those busses or trains with the air conditioning set to the freezing point. We bought the girls both a cotton sleeping bag liner, a bit heavier, but much more affordable.

And all though the risk to get malaria is very low in Thailand, sleeping under a mosquito net also helps to keep other creatures out so we grabbed one of those.

Other essentials we are bringing are an insect repellent with 30% Deet, a spray (to spray on your clothes, and lotion and of course sunscreen (hello sun!), diarrhea relief (oh how I hope  we can keep that package closed), painkillers and a first aid kit.

I’m sure more items will be added closer to date!